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I’m in the process of revamping my website (as with most websites, this is a perpetual process!). In addition, I’ve changed from a ‘.com’ to a ‘.ca’ domain, resulting in many broken image links. While I go through the revamping and fixing process, you may still access older family history details by clicking this link.


This site is my personal presence on the Web. I created it to provide access to my family history and genealogy research to the widest possible audience, and to publish the occasional idea, photograph or opinion.


Who were my ancestors, and what were their lives like? Do I share any traits with them? Would I recognize these people if I were to meet them?.

Trying to thaw trails that went cold decades or centuries ago is part of the appeal of genealogy. Poring over data, looking for patterns and seeking answers all appeal to my analytical nature and curiosity.

In the last several years, I’ve become increasingly curious about my “deep” ancestry to a time well before anyone kept records. This curiosity can be satisfied, at least on a crude scale, via DNA studies such as the National Geographic’s Genographic project. Current theories, based on analyses of the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA indicate that everyone alive on the planet today can trace their origins to a single male who lived in Africa some 60,000 years ago (more recent findings indicate a date much further back in time). Molecular geneticists also believe that we can trace our maternal line to a single female. She too lived in Africa, but much earlier, perhaps around 125,000 years ago.

A preliminary 12-marker analysis of my DNA indicates that I belong to the “I” genetic haplogroup. Over time, I’ve had more markers on my Y chromosome analysed. 67 key markers on my Y chromosome identify me more precisely as a member of the I2a2 British Isles clade. The deeper history of this haplogroup may push my paternal ancestry back to what is now the Balkans, approximately 20,000 years ago.

It’s also very handy to be able to access my information from anywhere there is a connection to the Internet. The site also forces me to organize my thoughts and, very occasionally, a distant relative finds me via a Google or other search.

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Written by Doug

January 24th, 2012 at 4:40 pm